Managing your Risk in the Pharma Packaging Process

Managing Your Risk in Pharma Packaging 

 Spotlight on Labelling and Artwork


Risk is an unavoidable aspect of the pharmaceutical industry packaging process. Managing risk better than your competitors while ensuring compliance can give you the edge you need to succeed in this highly competitive market. In this webinar Lenny Figorski, Tony Byrne and Sam Cole share their strategies for mitigating risk and maximizing efficiency.

In This Webinar You Can Learn About

  •  Risk management in pharma packaging 
  •  Pharma-proofing your labeling artwork processes
  •  How to mitigate human error  
  •  How to manage your “Print At Risk” strategy
  •  Compliance
  •  Legislation affecting Serialisation & Brexit

Having a properly implemented, fully transparent “Print At Risk” process can allow you to make informed assessments of where your packaging stands in its lifecycle. In this webinar, you will learn about how to stay ahead of your competitors and hit the shelves as soon as your artwork is approved, not in the days, weeks or months after regulatory approval.

If you consider the value your data possesses, having a system in place to help you stop potential leaks up and down your supply chain is another factor that can give you a considerable competitive advantage while avoiding potential GDPR penalties in the process. 

The more touches to an artwork, the greater the risk of an inadvertent error. Managing your processes and employing the right tools can minimize an artwork’s exposure to risk, maximize your system’s efficiency and minimize your overall time-to-market.  

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